How To Identify Atlas Chalet Shingles

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You Don't Want This Type Of Shingle!!!


We have received 100s and 100s of visitors over the past year asking questions about Altas Chalet Shingles

So what we have done is build a separate website that is 100% geared to help answer every question about these types of shingles.

In fact, we have even teamed up with local professionals throughout the Southeast in order to give you face to face support when you need it.

As Such...We Recommend

That you take a look at our article showing you what Atlas Chalet Shingles look like.

Click the link above to see a bunch of photos and descriptions which will help you determine how to identify these shingles in order to know if you have them on your roof.

Here's some more information that you might find useful regarding these shingles.

When Were They Discontinued?

Atlas Roofing officially discontinued this brand/model of shingle in 2010. Since then people have really been struggling with repairs due to blistering, cracks, and leaky shingles.


Because they can't go out and buy the shingle anymore because it is no longer manufactured.

Is There A Lawsuit or Something...?

Yes there is and like we mentioned above we have created a completely separate website 100% dedicated to answering questions and getting you connected with local specialists to give you the support you need.

Here is the link about the Atlas Chalet Class Action Lawsuit.

You can also call Atlas Roofing to see if they can give you any more information.

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