About Us

About Us





Our Purpose

Why are we working hard to create a free roofing encyclopedia? 1. We want to provide a resource to help roofers grow their businesses. 2. We want to provide a resource to help home owners gain more knowledge regarding their home’s roof and roofing services. 3. We want our website to be “The Roofing Website” of choice among roofers, contractors, architects and home owners.

Our Pros

Our site is full of useful information about roofs, roofing products, roofing, and more. If you want to thank anyone for all this information, we would definitely tell you to thank the roofing pros that contribute to our website. Our pros are real roofing professionals throughout the United States. Our pros own real roofing businesses and are roofing all year round. Be sure to reach out to them with any additional questions you may have or suggestions for content.

Our Partners

We would like to officially say thank you to our partners that make Roofpedia what it is today. We work hard with professionals in various fields to bring our website to the world. Our website partner is eWebify. Hi, my name is Garret Merkley and I am the owner of eWebify. I have been building websites and creating high quality content since 2009. Ever since I began publishing content and reaching people through the internet, I have become more and more passionate about it. My team of professional inbound marketing experts is working hard on roofpedia.com and we hope to become your #1 roofing website! My passion for online business has led me to be the owner of my own business. My company, eWebify, is a professional inbound marketing/internet consulting business that helps local business be found online.

Our History

We have been around since July of 2013. We look forward to many more years.