Atlas Chalet Shingles: Discontinued & Defective

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atlas chalet shingles

As a roofer contractor in Atlanta, GA I come across Atlas Chalet Shingles all the time..

I wrote this article to help homeowners...

A lot of people have a terrible discontinued shingle on their roof that could literally cause leaks at any time...

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Because even if there's minor wind damage most insurance companies pay to replace the entire roof with a brand new shingle because it's discontinued...

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Instead of spending hours online hunting for answers about your Atlas Chalet shingles why not just call me and ask me directly. I've been working with Atlas Chalet for a long time!

Atlas Roofing LIED About The Atlas Chalet Shingles

Everyone is trying to save a buck…
Atlas Chalet shingles burst onto the roofing scene with a bang..
They boasted a 30 year warranty & the look of a high-grade architectural shingle for a fraction of the price!
Now thousands of new homes in Georgia, Tennessee, and Alabama have them..
Atlas Roofing Corporation manufactured the shingle to replace the standard 3 tab look: 
3 Tab Close Up Neal
With the curb appeal and quality of an architectural shingle:
Arc Close Up Mclaughlin
They glued extra granules onto the shingles and used a heavy dark color on the top of the shingle to create a HD effect.
Aaaand, voila:
The Atlas Chalet..
Atlas Before Mclaughlin Top

What Should I Do If I Suspect I Have Atlas Shingles?

If you suspect you have Atlas Chalet shingles it is critical you take action..
Call our experts for a free consultation to determine…
If insurance will pay for a new roof…
And if you have storm damage to your shingles…

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Bad News – The Chalet can’t be purchased so if you need a repair done, it can’t be matched with a replacement shingle that looks and performs the same.

Good News – If you need a repair because of storm damage, your homeowner’s insurance will often pay for a complete replacement as they recognize these shingles are discontinued.


The shingles passed the rigorous standards of both the ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) AND Miami-Dade County’s Building Code Compliance Office. “This product is approved as described herein, and has been designed to comply with the High Velocity Hurricane Zone of the Florida Building Code… (See, Pg.1, Para. 3)
So the shingles looked great, were warrantied for 30 years, AND even could be used in a ‘High Velocity Hurricane Zone!’  Well, unfortunately nothing could be further from the truth.

The MOST Expensive Part of Your House is Defective?

Within only a few years the shingles began to have problems. For example a recent class action lawsuit, Lloyd M. Denson Jr. VS. Atlas Roofing Coorperation declared: “…the Shingles are so defectively designed and manufactured that they prematurely fail and cause damage to the underlying structures and other property of the Plaintiffs and the Class by, in some instances, permitting water leaks.” (Lloyd VS. Atlas Pg. 6, Para. 14)
Water leaks are HUGE when it comes to roofs; it means your shingles, tar paper, and plywood have already likely failed, and puts your biggest investment and family at risk for drips, black mold, and thousands of dollars in repairs. No wonder the NRCA (National Roofing Contractors Association) recommends you get your roof checked twice a year!
So why did the shingles fail? The same lawsuit found that: “Specifically, the Shingles are defective because Atlas improperly designed the Shingles to be manufactured in a manner that permits moisture to intrude into the Shingle creating a gas bubble that permits blistering and cracking. The blistering and cracking cause early granule loss, increased moisture absorption, and reduced life-expectancy of the Shingles.” (See Lloyd, Pg. 5, Para. 13)
This meant that some homeowners were looking at paying out of pocket to replace their entire roof, because of a defective product. So the Atlas Chalet shingles are no longer made…

If You Could Save 90% On A $21,000 Bill Would You?

Now, shingles are often discontinued because they aren’t very popular or innovations allow them to be made faster and cheaper..

But most believe the Atlas Chalet shingles were discontinued because of inherent defects in their design or manufacturing..

Atlas discontinued the shingles in 2010, which means you can’t repair your roof with the same shingle.. It’s gone!

Because most homeowners’ policies are required to replace storm damaged roofing companies with LKQ (Like, Kind, & Quality) they will pay to replace your entire roof with a brand new architectural shingle. If there’s even minor storm damage you could be looking at getting a new roof for just your deductible.

The Atlas Chalet shingles are extremely susceptible to wind damage. We recommend getting a roof inspection done by a Platinum Preferred Contractor to see if you have wind damage. Depending on your insurance company you may only need a few damaged shingles!

Here’s a simple quiz to see if your contractor is up to snuff. Ask them:

Are you looking for hail damage, wind damage, or both on my roof?

If they answer wind damage, then they are right! Atlas shingles don’t damage from hail easily (you’d need hail the size of golf balls to damage the shingles), but can damage very easily from the wind.


Einstein For Your Roof..

Ridge Valley Exteriors has installed over 8000 roofs. When it comes to dealing with your homeowner’s insurance plan regarding a claim for defective Atlas Chalet Shingles, contact one of our local experts at 404-801-5755. Ask for Robert.

How Long Should A Roof Last?

Owens Corning Platinum Preferred Contractor

In our opinion, 50 Years! We’re a Platinum Preferred Contractor so Owens Corning warranties every bit of that!

Training And Certification Above Industry Standards

Each contractor on staff with Ridge Valley Exteriors undergoes extensive training through HAAG Certification in storm damage assessment training and testing. Their training does not stop there. Each week, they are instructed on the most up to date policies and practices in the industry to assure that they earn and maintain their title of Certified Rooftop Genius.

Home Of The “Hold Your Hand Guarantee”

The process of filing a roof insurance claim does not need to be as intimidating as it seems. With Ridge Valley Exteriors, you can rest assured that the paperwork and meetings with insurance adjusters will be taken care of. Altas Chalet ShinglesThey have coined the term “Hold Your Hand Guarantee” to describe how intimately they will work with you on your case.

From accurate storm damage assessment and documentation, to filing the claim with insurance, they take care of all the details. Here is what some of their customers have said about their experience:

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the people that work at Ridge Valley Exteriors. With a project of this size we expected to have many problems arise. Ridge Valley Exteriors professional team alleviated all of our concerns and the process went very smooth. Everything called for in the contract was done, all within the time frame agreed to, in the most professional manner. I would highly recommend Ridge Valley to all my friends and family.” -Mr. May, Atlanta GA

“I called Ridge Valley Exteriors to be my contractor for the replacement of my roof from hail damage. Ridge Valley Exteriors insurance restoration specialist were very knowledgeable and very helpful with the process of getting my roof replaced. My insurance restoration specialist was by my side till the day the roof was put on. I am very happy with the way my roof looks and the quality Ridge Valley Exteriors give. I would highly recommend calling Ridge Valley Exteriors as your preferred roofing contractor for assistance with your insurance claim.” -Mike, Atlanta GA

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